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At Arete Legal Solutions, we believe in taking a team approach. We want to be an integral part of your family and business team. Working together, we can help you plan and prepare for future challenges, growth and events. As a team, we work together to meet and exceed your current and future goals and needs. Our philosophy of striving for excellence in all areas of our practice will benefit you as we work together to help you realize your personal and business vision.




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Our Philosophy

Strive for Excellence! Simply put, Attorney Ted Ashton strives for excellence in all aspects of his life, including his efforts with each of his clients at Arete Legal Solutions. Mr. Ashton works diligently to discover your individual and business goals and then applies his financial and legal education and experience to help you reach and exceed those goals. Contact us today to discuss how Arete Legal Solutions can be a part of your family and business team!




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Edwin “Ted” Ashton

Mr. Ashton’s life philosophy is to Strive for Excellence in all aspects of his personal and professional life. He has carried and applied this philosophy to his family, schooling, athletics, professional endeavors and now, he brings that vision and passion to his efforts with all of his clients at Arete Legal Solutions. As a long-term volunteer youth coach, Mr. Ashton approaches life and work with a team mentality